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Wants vs. Interests: Thinking Like an Adult for a Childish Election

Anderson Mancini / Flickr

This post is for those considering not voting at all, voting third party, or protest voting this election.

It’s important to ask not “which candidate do I want to vote for?” but instead, “which candidate would be in my best long-term interest to vote for?”

I want to eat a candy bar for lunch. It would be in my best long term interest to eat a couple of eggs, a piece of salmon, a salad, and some almonds.

It’s not enough to sit around and complain like petulant three-year-olds that we’re “not getting what we want”. Of course we’re not.

That’s not how life works.

We have preferences, but then life happens and we make adjustments. Those who don’t adjust get stuck in the mud. Those who step up to reality set themselves free.

“Want” is a childish point of view. “Interest” is how adults think.

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