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Nathan’s career arc has been intensely multidisciplinary. He has done field research on the mammals of North America and amongst indigenous societies in both North and South America, has taught ecological design to landscape architects, farmers, and urban planners, and has applied and developed design thinking as a discipline for business innovation in the manufacturing sector.

These days, you can find him publishing articles and essays in the areas of human reasoning, creativity and innovation, religion, spirituality, violence, and our relationship to the natural world on his blog, Food for (Free) Thought (www.nathanmeffert.com), and on Twitter and Instagram as an activist, public thinker, and poet.

Nathan recently co-founded Modern Animal Brand Identity Development and Digital Marketing Strategy (modernanimal.co) to help mission-driven social and creative organizations tell compelling stories, build movements, and change the world.

Nathan is a member of the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), the Professional Design Association (AIGA), and the Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA).

You can follow him on Facebook here, Twitter here, or Instagram here. Or, go out on a limb and email him here.