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No Apologies: How to Face the Fear of Being Unpopular and Find Your True Supporters

The world needs us to get over our fear of being unpopular and put our work and ideas out there. Paradoxically, this is how to find your true fans.

Face fear of being unpopular and put what you love into the world

Here’s a thought: do your absolute best and put things that you love out there without apology.

If this causes some temporary unpopularity with your peer group—if people dislike your work, unfollow you, run away screaming—SO BE IT.

This is always going to be a test of:

  • Who loves what you do?
  • Who appreciates your fearlessness?
  • Who’s got your back?

Be grateful whenever you get to find this out sooner than later.

Another way of saying this is: when you put a thing into the world with courage and vulnerability, let those who are repulsed by your audacity fall away.

Let them go.

And celebrate the fact that only your supporters, advocates, and defenders remain.

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