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Practicing Freedom: Commentary on Three Core Truths from Eric Weinstein

A brief guide to insulating yourself from ideology, fear, and practicing freedom in the wake of the 2016 election and beyond.

Practicing freedom is a creative actIf you feel weak, find a way to feel strong.

Have conversations with your rivals. Practice rationality and reason. Find your spiritual—not religious—center. Learn new skills. Expose yourself to new ideas. Expose yourself to discomfort in all its forms.

If you fear fighting for your ideals become a fighter.

Discover a personal code of conduct, morals, values, and beliefs apart from any in-group, organization or tribe. Define your inviolables. Get clear on what it means to have those violated, disrespected, infringed upon. Decide on and rehearse your response in advance of any challenge. Be prepared.

If you rely on corporate media (liberal or conservative), seek out free-thinkers with a personal code that bolsters your own.

The internet is vast and your local community is deep. Find thinkers, writers, and artists you trust. Check and double check their affiliations. Understand their possible biases and motivations. Put them up for audit on a regular basis. Withdraw your allegiances to media brands (see this chart for help).

Finally, let it all go.

When have made yourself strong, become vulnerable. When you have become a fighter, learn to make peace. When you have found your sources, become a diligent student of the mainstream.

You can do it—we’re with you. And it matters.

This post was inspired by Eric Weinstein’s recent tweet.

Infinite respect and gratitude to Eric. Thanks for being one of my “guys”.

Art is by Xhai Middleton. Check Xhai out on Instagram!