Food for Free Thought is dedicated to making uncommon connections between fields as diverse as psychology, politics and history, art, ecology and more.


The Food for Free Thought Podcast considerately and playfully pushes the edge with the intention of moving the conversation into unexpected and unexplored areas.


Breakthroughs require the courage to swim upstream, to question the status quo, and to think lucidly. Host Nathan Meffert asks courageous guests courageous questions.


Spending virtual time learning about the achievements and ideas of Food for Free Thought guests will inspire listeners to new levels of personal development and growth.

Big Ideas

These are the main conversational frontiers that The Food for Free Thought Podcast is pushing. Who do you want to hear interviewed? Let us know below.

Personal Development

On topics like psychotherapy, spirituality, communication and leadership skills, conflict and confidence, The Food for Free Thought Podcast and host Nathan Meffert seeks to provide individuals with the tools, insights and inspiration they need to become self-empowered agents for good.


Facing fear

Individuality vs. group membership

Learning to learn



Overcoming conflict

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Classical Liberalism

We believe it's time for a return to the classical liberal values of reason and rationality, clear thinking, healthy debate, ethics and morality. These are the shared moral axioms that underpin our liberal progress in our society and represent an opportunity to reclaim liberalism from the "regressive" left.


Political correctness

Freedom of expression

Social progress

Postmodernism and post truth

Sex and gender

Tolerance of intolerance

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Art and Innovation

Creativity is the common denominator in entrepreneuship, design, music and all other artistic endeavors. Food for Free Thought brings in guests to illuminate the skills, ideas and practices that contribute to increased creative output, innovative organizations and teams, style and beauty.


The creative process

The philosophy of aesthetics and art

Design thinking


Writing well

Technology trends

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Reason and Rationality

Reason and rationality is a moving target—of course. The human mind left to its own devices can struggle in unreason, and that's why Food for Free Thought seeks actionable insight into how to live a life of clarity, wisdom and perspective. In these crazy times, we may never arrive, but at least we can die trying.


Critical thinking

Ethical living

Scientific inquiry

Environmental stewardship

Practical philosophy

Self-defense and violence

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