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Want a regular dose of the top ideas, hacks, and tools from the people and fields that are changing the world?

Thanks to advances in technology, science, and culture, we live in an era of unprecedented historical transformation. Leading futurists agree that future societies will look back on our time with awe. The decisions that we make today will chart the course of human society for generations to come.

Therefore, it‘s more important than ever that we learn from, support, and spread good ideas — ideas that can help us to:

  • Become more conscious and aware monkeys
  • Reverse environmental destruction
  • Live meaningful and fulfilled lives
  • Make great art/do great work
  • Raise amazing families
  • Cure disease and reverse aging
  • Learn to love and respect each other

And yet, it’s harder than ever to separate the signal from the noise. Which is why I created this podcast.

Every episode, I sit down with an expert in the fields of human performance, creativity, social change, or entrepreneurship to extract the ideas, tools, and hacks that you need to enjoy the ride. You’ll learn:

  • How to hack your diet to prevent cancer, reverse aging, and increase sex drive
  • How top creative minds think about creativity and why your definition is probably too narrow
  • How to use psychedelic drugs to heal past trauma and expand your spiritual horizons
  • How to master your mind with a unique combination of ancient philosophy and modern psychotherapy
  • How a small group of American farmers and ranchers are revolutionizing the industrial food complex
  • How training in a traditional Chinese martial art can help you increase sensitivity, power, and focus
  • How indigenous shamans and western ecologists are working together to restore and regenerate the Amazon rainforest
  • Why hunting may be one of the most ecologically and socially enlightened ways to get your calories
  • How the bugs in your gut call the shots on what you crave, how fit you are, even your mood – and what to do about it
  • How the ancient art of wildlife tracking is being resurrected to yield amazing new insights into wilderness, survival, and the non-human world
  • How to hack skill learning and acquisition through advances in brain science and technology
  • How to apply cold therapy and breath training to run farther, lift heavier, and punch harder

And those are just a few of the topics that we’ll explore on this whirlwind tour through the amazing, kaleidoscopic, world of hyper-speed reality and information transfer.

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