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A Toolbox for Reason and Rationality, Ethical Living and Applied Philosophy

Essays, podcast episodes and poems from the Food for Free Thought blog about reason and rationality, ethical living and applied philosophy.

Reason and rationality is a powerful cognitive framework that has been a force behind modern technological, social and artistic progress. The practice of honing the senses and training the mind is ongoing, but it is a necessary pathway for those of us interested in fairness, progress and truth.

“It is philosophy that has the duty of protecting us … without it no one can live a life free of fear or worry.”
– Seneca the Younger from Letters to a Stoic, Letter XVII

“Education is the art of making man ethical.”
– German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Here we’ve collected all of the Food for Free Thought essays, podcasts, poems and other resources related to critical thinking, ethical living and practical philosophy. Please enjoy!

How to think critically and clearly

How to live an ethical life

    The art and practice of scientific inquiry

    Environmental stewardship and participating in nature

      Stoicism—a practical path of self-knowledge and courage

      How to use philosophy to change your life

      Self-defense and the philosophy of violence