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Free Speech

I like groups when they exist to bolster individual development and growth. I don't like them when membership requires enduring steadily increasing pressure to subvert individual expression. The expression of individuality is unacceptable to the latter type of group, mostly because it's sloppy, unpredictable, non-conforming. Instead,  various expressions of individuality—disagreement, alternate points of view, creative [...]

If you want freedom, you can't deny it to others. If you want to be respected, trusted, and treated like an adult, you have to respect and trust others. In 1859, in his seminal work On Liberty, the English philosopher John Stuart Mill wrote: The only freedom which deserves the name is that of pursuing our own good [...]

If you're for free speech, tolerance and liberal values, you can't pick and choose. Any freedom of expression that you take away from someone you disagree with, you also take away from yourself. That's how it works. As liberals, our plan over the next four years should be to double down on ensuring that conservative [...]